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Cost savings are the ultimate goal for any business or corporate, as they play an integral role in enhancing profits. Corporate travel tends to be a significant expense, however, with TravelsMaker, you can be assured of significant annual cost savings with a complete cost savings analysis that will help you understand and monitor your corporate travel costs and savings.

TravelsMaker has over 25 years of experience in the corporate travel industry, and our expert knowledge, combined with our exclusive relationship with over 120 airlines, can help you achieve a minimum 20 percent annual cost savings on travel budget. The corporate travel services are designed to your needs and effectively managed and monitored by dedicated account managers so that you get the best cost savings possible. We also design complex itineraries which can realize savings of as high as 30-40 percent.

Cost Savings with TravelsMaker

Regardless of the size of your business, the amount of traveling that takes place or whether the traveling is Domestic or International, we at TravelsMaker can provide you with significant cost savings.

Travel Policy Formulation & Compliance

Whether you have an existing travel policy you would like to optimize or create a new one altogether, our experts will help in formulating a suitable travel policy that will enhance cost savings, monitor its compliance and review the success. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you, who will oversee your entire corporate travel needs and serve as a single point of contact, so that you face no difficulties at any time. Managers will be available at all times and a data interface will also be provided for easy and systemized execution of tasks.

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Low Fare Guarantee

TravelsMaker uses advanced fare checker technology to identify the best ticket prices, wherever you are travelling. As a result, we are able to find the best fares and plan travel accordingly, passing on the cost savings benefits to you. Even after finding the best travel rates, by virtue of our relationships with airlines, we at TravelsMaker can negotiate even better rates that would not be available otherwise. TravelsMaker expert strategies are used to find the best rates possible. We follow a Zero Service Fee (ZSF) policy and no service fees are charges on any international tickets originating from the US.

Strategic Implementation Program

Planning is simply one step of the process to achieve effective annual cost savings, and so TravelsMaker follows a strategic implementation program to ensure that your corporate travel takes place as per plans. We include unused ticket monitoring management and facilitate upgrades as and when possible so that you can get the best service while maintaining cost savings. TravelsMaker also places great importance on time savings and offers assistance in quick TAT (Turn Around Time), with process automation, and technology support and systems so that in addition to costs, you also save time. We have superior customers service at your disposal, with executives available 24/7 in case you face any difficulty. 

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

TravelsMaker assures you of a minimum of 20 percent annual savings on your travel budget, with added benefits and no service fees on any international travel originating from the U.S. With customized data analytics solutions, TravelsMaker account management services provide full reporting and analytics of your corporate travel plans and procedures, so that with full transparency, the actual savings delivered are measureable and verifiable. Detailed travelling reports further help in identifying areas in which the corporate travel policy and model can be adjusted in order to garner more benefits. 

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Advanced Reporting & Analytics

TravelsMaker experts provide detailed reporting and visibility into the overall travel budget and corporate travel policy, offering you full transparence and cost savings analysis with an Online Expense Management System and Track /Report on overall travel expenditures. Our innovative travel technology solutions offer access to online expense reporting and travel management tools for your entire team for cost savings that are measurable and verifiable. TravelsMaker experts also provide expense analysis, savings analysis, data analytics and cost containment solutions, so that your corporate travel program can be enhanced even further, and boost your annual cost savings. 

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Advanced Reporting